Kitsap Community Food Co-op

Local Business Owner Spotlight – Toro Lounge

Carlos & Christina Jara of Toro Lounge Tell us a little about Toro Lounge and how it was started: Toro Lounge is a unique restaurant/bar located in Downtown Bremerton. We opened in July 2011, and our goal is to provide an experience focused on great food and drink in a relaxing environment. The concept was […]

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Food Co-ops create vibrant livable communities!

Hello everyone!  This is Kevin Koski, a Kitsap Community Food Co-op board member.  For the last six months I hiked the 2668 mile long Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.  Now that I am home, I am ready to spend my energy working hard for you the co-op member, and for our community in […]

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31 in 31: We are Different… In a Cooperative Way

Our latest membership drive, “31 Members in 31 Days”, is happening in conjunction with the celebration of National Co-op Month. We are encouraging YOU, as member-owners, to rally up, share with your friends and neighbors why you joined the co-op and help boost our membership. As a member-owner, this venture is yours ours. We collectively […]

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Vote & Attend the Annual Meeting!

Annual Meeting of Member-Owners The Co-op will be holding another Annual Meeting of Member-Owners due to a change in our fiscal year. This meeting is open to all members in good standing to come hear about the co-ops financials, yearly review, what the next stages in development are, and how you can become more involved. […]

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31 Members in 31 Days!

The month of October is National Co-op Month. Cooperative enterprises, including food co-ops, are celebrating the benefits and value that co-ops bring to their members and communities. Unlike traditional business models, food co-ops are member-owned, democratically controlled and serve as an engine of the local economy because the profits stay local. The Kitsap Community Food […]

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31 Days – 31 Members ~ Help us Grow!

We are kicking off National Co-op Month with a new membership goal – 31 new members in 31 days. Can we do it? Can we get one new member a day in October? Of course we can, with your help! We are at a tipping point in our membership and need to get more members […]

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Celebrate Co-ops in the month of October!

Co-ops are Helping to Change the World For over two centuries, cooperatives have helped communities join together to gain economic power and improve their lives. Driven by people rather than profit, cooperatives thrive in big cities, small towns, and rural areas — wherever there’s a need to be met you will find a co-op. This […]

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Our Mission

We have been working hard since 2008 to build a community-owned grocery store in Kitsap County. Our aim is to connect our local community with quality food, products and access to information that promotes a healthy future for our families and our planet.

We Need You

Our timeline to open a store depends on you - as owners of the store you provide the equity we need to open. The more member-owners we get, the sooner we can open our doors. Let's see that member-owner count above grow!

Join Us

375163_10151607413403648_243105766_nJoining as a member-owner of the co-op is investing in the future of your community. You can join today for as low as $35. Fill out this form and you can own part of a store that helps money stay in our community.