What is a Food Co-op?

kitsap community food co-op, fresh organic vegetables in wicker baskets

A food co-op is a grocery store that is owned by the people in the community, rather than by a corporation. This means you can buy everything you need — with a one stop shopand the money spent goes directly back into the local community! This boosts our economy by providing jobs for people who live here, producers who grow & raise food here, and artisans and crafters who create, right here in Kitsap County.

A Store Featuring Locally Grown Food

kitsap community food co-op, picture of cows in field

The ample rain and sunshine that bless our peninsula yield a bountiful array of crops and freshly grown organic goods from our local farms. Once we open our doors, our store will be the central place for you to find the delicious and healthy locally grown food that our region is famous for. We know that it’s hard to navigate the entire county to find all this local, healthy food for your family so join now so we can make this a reality.

Why You Should Join Us 

  • Invest in and own the future of Kitsap County
  • Keep money local – for every $1,000 spent, $1,604 is generated for the local economy!
  • Bring year-round access to safe, labeled food for our neighbors, friends, and families
  • Support local food and producers
  • Have a voice in how your store is run, what products are sold, and earn dividends
  • Create a gathering place focused on community and healthy living

kitsap community food co-op fresh fruits and veggiesThe co-op will also impact our local community in other ways, find out the details on our Community Benefits page.

Your Kitsap Community Food Co-op membership pays dividends in other ways, with discounts at local supporting merchants, other regional co-ops, as well as annual dividends or discounts at our own co-op store. Learn more in our Membership Benefits section.

We Need You!

kitsap community food co-op, join buttonOur timeline to open a store depends on you – as owners of the store you provide the equity we need to open. The more Member-Owners we get, the sooner we can open our doors. Want to know the specifics? Read about becoming a Member-Owner now in our Terms of Membership area.

Another way you can get involved is through our Community Events where you can learn more, have fun and socialize with your local community members. Check out the latest happenings on our Upcoming Events page.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization and we’d love to see your using your unique talents with us. Learn more by visiting our Volunteer Opportunities page. You don’t have to be a member to help move the co-op vision forward, please sign up online as a new volunteer today!