Kevin Maria sign
Maria & Kevin promoting the Co-op at the ferry terminal

When I gave my $200.00 for a co-op in Kitsap I thought, cool there will be a store where I can get food that is fresh and local. It took me a year or so to realize that the co-op needed me to make sure that the cool store with fresh and local food became real. Since then, I show up to every meeting that I can and give the board my input and suggestions. I volunteer whenever I can. We the Kitsap Community Food Co-op are at a point were we need you the members to help. The capacity in which you can assist is all up to you. One hour a month will make a difference. A lot of hard work has already happened by the board and volunteers and now we need to be reinvigorated to make “that cool store” happen. Please consider volunteering in any way, the sooner the better. There are events and roles that have been created to help you help the Kitsap Community Food Co-op become a real full service grocery store.

We are over 700 strong ~ We can do this!



Maria McGuire

KCFC Member-Owner & Volunteer


For current volunteer opportunities please visit our volunteer page or contact Membership & Volunteer Coordinator, Jess Sappington ( / 360-813-1301), for more information.

This is Your Co-op – Help it Grow!