Q. Who may shop with my Membership Card? 

Once you have joined as a member-owner, you are issued two Membership Cards under the Primary Member’s name, which your entire household may use (max three adults per household, including the Primary Member). It is important you let us know the names of those in your household on your application, so we will know who is authorized to use the Primary Member’s card. Ask us if you would like to receive any additional cards for other members of your household.

Q. Is my investment refundable?

Yes. Unlike many other retail memberships, being a member-owner of our Co-op allows you to ask for your entire investment back should you move or otherwise decide to resign your membership. This refund will be sent back to you in accordance with the current Co-op policy. See our contract terms for more details.

Q. Why join now?

This is a critical time to become a member-owner, as we must gather a significant amount of capital prior to securing a location. Member-owner equity will primarily be used to secure private bank loans, and will also demonstrate the commitment the community has toward this venture.

By investing in the Co-op today, you are joining with hundreds of others, voting to keep your dollars local, and supporting our local farmers and crafters.

Q. May I start with a lesser amount?

Paying your Full Share Investment up front helps the Co-op the most, and also helps you avoid any service fees. However, if you find your budget won’t allow for the full payment at this time, you may pay as little as $25 now (plus a one-time $10 service fee for administering the payment plan). As soon as you make your first payment, you will enjoy all the benefits of membership except Patronage Refunds, which you will become eligible for once you have completed paying your Full Share Investment.

Additional membership questions? Send us an email, or call us at (360) 813-1301.