Q: What is KCFC?

Kitsap Community Food Co-op is a business and an organization that is working towards opening a full-service, cooperatively-owned grocery store in Kitsap County.  Just like the name says: a co-operative is made up of people working together with each other to achieve a common goalto provide fresh, delicious, local foods for people in Kitsap County.

Q: Why does someone join KCFC as a member-owner?

Kitsap Community Food Co-op member-owners join to:

  • Bring access to local food in the community.
  • Create a gathering place for our education and nutrition for our families.
  • Invest in and own a part of the future of your county.
  • Keep your money local in the community – for every $1,000 spent in a co-op, $1,604 is generated for the local economy.
  • Be a part of a community where you know who you’re shopping with and can fully trust who is serving you.
  • Have a voice in how your store is run, what products are sold, and where money is spent.

Q: Does Kitsap really have enough farmers to support a co-op grocery store?

Yes! Our region is home to numerous producers and farmers and countless community members that are seeking a better way to make healthy, quality, locally-grown food accessible. Our aim is to connect these producers and purchasers and serve as a hub and gathering place for the entire county. Read more.

Q: When will KCFC open?

The Kitsap Community Food Co-op grocery store opening date depends on some key factors. The most important is community support in the form of member-owners. Once KCFC reaches 1,000 members (we aim to hit this in 2016) we will move to the next phase, which is to identify the grocery store site and launch the capital fundraising initiative. 

Q: What are the details on KCFC membership?

We are glad you asked. In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to it. Read more

Do you have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, phone or email to learn more. Contact us today.