Dear Cooperators,
After long last, our website is finally live! Please take the time to poke around and see all the new features our amazing Marketing Committee has come up with for you to enjoy.
The blog is one of the features we’re most excited about. Having the opportunity to share our personal experiences and thoughts with you is exciting and we hope will help our member-owners and the community at large feel more connected with what we’re doing.
We’re also excited about having guest bloggers, particularly producers, member-owners, and whomever else might have something to share about this journey to opening our doors! I think you’ll be amazed to discover the amount of hours we spend thinking, researching, dreaming up ideas and executing schemes to get people to join, and inspire them to volunteer. We’re always looking for ideas! The board is looking forward to using this medium to dialogue with you.
Our election season is in full swing and we have several seats to fill on the board. This co-op has an amazing board! Your skills, talents and ideas will only make us that much stronger, so consider joining our board and helping us to move forward a little faster.
This coming year we’re looking at narrowing down a new site, writing a Business Plan for that site, site design, getting through our Proforma and financial feasibility and hopefully into construction in 2014. This is very ambitious. We’ve never had such ambitious goals! The board feels that if we set the bar high, as a community, we can rise to meet it. That means the board, the member-owners, and you!
Our membership numbers have been steadily coming in, and this year we can not move forward with all we have planned unless we see a dramatic spike in those numbers. We also need volunteers to help us execute and promote our fundraising activities.
This is all about the food- the local, delicious food that is grown by committed producers right here in Kitsap County. Let’s get that food into the hands of the people, and fast!
Thanks again for checking out our website and we hope you’ll continue checking back to see what shenanigans we’re up to next. I’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts, suggestions – email me any time!
Kristina – President of the Board



Welcome to our new site!

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