So, it’s Sunday morning and oI'm a member logo:photover the last couple of years I’ve developed a routine of walking down to a local B-town shop for a cup of coffee and perusing the NY Times on my laptop. I look forward to it each week as it offers a few laid back moments in my weekend where I can read a little and run into friends and neighbors

This morning I’m at The Bridge in Manette. They’ve gotten to know me and expect my Sunday morning visits. I don’t even have to make an order, they just get started on my “usual” when I walk in the door (a Suburban breakfast sandwich with ham and swiss, plus a cup of drip coffee… black).

While sipping my coffee, I read an article in the NY Times about today’s “People’s Climate March” taking place in New York city and 160 cities around the world. The focus is to raise voices for change ahead of next week’s UN Climate Summit. After reading the article, I stumbled across a documentary about the march on Upworthy. The video shows how organizers prepared for mobilizing 100’s of thousands of people around the world, but also presents a clear rationale as to why you should be concerned with this issue.

Each and every one of us… and when I say “us” I’m talking about the global “us” (from you, the co-op member reading this, to the rice farmer on a Vietnamese terrace farm), have a stake in our collective impact on the planet. Since the industrial revolution, 25% of all the CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere was put there by humans. The science is clear on that and clear on the impacts on our planet… the climate being the most direct impact. I often think of my kids (and by extension my potential grand-kids), and consider the world they are going face in the coming century and I feel a sense of fear and shame.

You might be asking yourself, “So, what does this have to do with the food co-op?” I’m pretty convinced that the world in the coming decades is going to be vastly different from the one we have been comfortably accustomed to. While weaning ourselves from our dependence on fossil-based energy sources, we’ll also have to adjust how we conduct our everyday lives in a more sustainable way. One thing that we’ll continually need is food, sustainable food, grown and processed locally. That’s where the Kitsap Community Food Co-op comes in.

Kitsap County has a rich agricultural history. Over the decades, policy, economics and development has reduced the food output potential in this area. But it’s coming back! And you, as member-owner of the co-op, are a part of making that happen. Just read our mission statement:

The Kitsap Community Food Co-op connects our local community with quality food, products and access to information that promotes a healthy future for our families and our planet. Together we work toward a world where mutually beneficial relationships exist between producers and purchasers.

We are part of the solution! We are part of changing the world! The food cooperative movement is about locally produced food… about healthy lives… about sustainabilty… about being good stewards of this planet.

You ARE part of the solution! Encourage others to join us. Attend our board meetings. Volunteer your time. Help us plan for our store. Be a part of helping us realize the vision of a “…healthy future for our families and our planet.”


Jeff Allen
KCFC President

We are Part of the Solution!