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Dear Cooperators,

We want to update you on all the great things that have been going on behind the scenes here at the co-op! We’ve completed the election cycle, held our Annual Meeting, elected a new President and Vice President, and most notably, welcomed many new volunteers! Yay! 

In August, we sent a letter alerting you to our concern about the lack of volunteer and community support we need in order to keep going. Thank you so much to every person who has written in, called, emailed, joined us at board meetings and taken on roles and tasks to help us move forward – it’s such an inspiring time to be a member of the co-op. Work was slowing and progress was becoming difficult, but we knew not to give up; there was an answer, and we realized it was ultimately a lack of engagement despite our notable progress. While we will continue to check items off the list to open the doors, we want to make sure we do a better job of sharing these successes with each and every one of you!

Noting our Successes

I am very proud to announce that we have moved forward in positive and impactful ways. The board realized that our number one issue was that we’d become invisible to the community, and so lacked for volunteers to help get the work done. We tackled these problems in several ways:

  • First, we remembered that we are supposed to have fun! Fun is what feeds volunteers, makes for events people will attend, and keep members connected
  • The board changed the board meeting schedule to reduce burn-out in board members and are recruiting now to fill open seats from community leaders with professional background in business development, finance and more
  • We established All-Committee meetings where all committees can brainstorm and collaborate together every other month, making progress more efficient
  • Professional and experienced leadership for Marketing, Events, and Planning & Finance have stepped forward to help those teams move forward with better efficiency
  • We began work on revamping the website, which is information-heavy and not inviting for new members, or easy to navigate for existing members
  • The board is preparing to hire an Outreach Coordinator who can focus solely on member-engagement and increasing the membership to the next goal of 1000, and beyond

The board really appreciates all the fresh perspective and energy being poured into the co-op by so many of you! We needed this in order to stop and take stock of what was working, and what was not – eliminate waste, invite abundance. Too many board meetings, for example, left little time for work to be accomplished, and felt like a constant pressure cooker for board members. This led to burnout of qualified and valuable board members, whose knowledge and experience we lost when we could no longer retain them. Moving forward we feel confident that our new processes will ensure that all members, including the board, remain engaged and inspired. Stay tuned for our next blog post that outlines our upcoming goals for the end of 2015 and into 2016 as well as upcoming events!

Thank you!

Shared Success! Thank You!
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