Tell us a little about yourself and why you opened Nutrition World

Hi my name is Jane Singleton and I started Nutrition World 18 years ago because I wanted to help people get healthy and change their life like I did on our incredible products.   I am a proud mother and grandmother who relocated myself and my business to Kitsap county just two years ago to spend more time with my daughter and my new grandbaby.   Before getting on our products and learning about nutrition  I had all kinds of health problems and weight problems but in just 5 ½ months I lost 56lbs and got my health back.  At Nutrition World our mission is to help others on their journey to wellness, health, and energy through learning about nutrition.  You can learn in our classes how to revive your life through go  od solid nutrition. Also, learn from speakers on how to start a fitness and workout program to change your body mass index, strengthen your body, heart and organs and choose health. We are about wellness, living life to the fullest, sharing knowledge and growing a stronger and healthier community in Kitsap County.

What kinds of products do you sell at Nutrition World?

Our Nutrition Club Smoothie Bar is open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch from  8:30am – 2:30pm. We are also open outside those hours for appointments and to purchase products, attend nutrition classes and fitness classes, and  provide FREE body analysis. We have a complete line of Herbalife nutritional products for all ages including young children and babies.   We have women’s products, men’s products, digestive products,  skin care products, weight gain nutrition, weight loss nutrition, body builders and now we just launched a new line of customizable 24 hour athletic products for the fit, competitive or professional athlete.

Where is your business located and can your products be bought online?

We are located at 3423 NW Byron Street in Old Town Silverdale next to the Waterfront Park.   We offer a FREE body analysis that is a $60 value with your first visit to our Nutrition Club.

What made you decide to become a member owner in the co-op?

I want people to have options and have a place that will buy and support local farms and produce.   The sooner we can get our food from field to the table the more nutrients we receive from eating that food.   I also want a place where my grandbaby can shop that provides a wide variety of organic foods and options that protect our planet and sustain our resources.   I believe that the Kitsap Food Co-op has excellent leadership and will do the best they can to accomplish that.

Thank you Jane for your time and for you support of the co-op. If you would like more information about Nutrition World or how to purchase products please visit their facebook page or stop by the store at 3423 NW Byron Street in Old Town Silverdale.   

Jane Singleton – Nutrition World

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