Tell us a little bit about yourself and Made in Manette: 

Starting a craft business, farmers markets, and food co-ops are deeply entwined for me and too long of a story to tell here!  It all goes to local and my desire to have great outlets for local products in  my community.   Lets just say that I was tired of traveling to Olympia or Port Townsend to find what I was sure we could build here.

I started Made in Manette so I could participate in the first farmers market in Bremerton.  I have enjoyed knitting and sewing since childhood, and about 15 years ago I started making my own soap.  So eight seasons later, I am still selling at both Bremerton farmers markets, and for the last three years I’ve been a vendor at the Suquamish farmers market too.

What kind of products do you sell and where can people purchase them?

I sell products for the home, aprons for all ages, hats and bibs for babies, and soap.  I make everything by hand, and buy nearly all of my supplies from local suppliers and stores.  I continue to add new products and my business has grown enough to keep me busy all year.  I have a website ( which lists all my venues, shows my product line and gives anyone a way to contact me.  It also lists my favorite local outlets for fabric and yarn!  I can and do sell directly from my home, especially during the off season.

As a special for fellow member owners any co-op member who buys something from me and mentions this newsletter in the month of November will receive a 10% discount.


What made you decide to become a member owner in the co-op?

I have been involved in some capacity with KCFC since the beginning (and even before, but that is another long story!). For me it is all part of the same web which includes food, products we all need and community. Jess said this newsletter reaches 1,300 people, but only 350 of us are members.  So, make the switch to local, join the co-op so we can get a store open, shop at the farmers market in your community, and support your neighbors whenever possible!

Thank you Carolee for your time and for you support of the co-op. If you would like more information about Made in Manette or how to purchase products please visit her website. Don’t forget, Locally made gifts make great gifts for the holidays!!!

Carolee Valentine – Made in Manette

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