pandoraTell us a little about Half Baked.

Half Baked is real food that’s ready to eat and will fill your belly. I like to eat food but, not just any food, good food! After becoming more educated about what is actually in a lot of the food that is sold and/or served to the general population, I strive to provide food that is delicious while adding in nutritional, minimally processed ingredients.

How and why did you start the business?
I was unemployed and living in Louisiana a couple of years ago. I found an opening as kitchen help at a local café. I’ve always loved to cook and thought it would be fun. It was a café that I would eat at, no fried food and healthier food options, and that got me interested. The owner and chef really boosted my confidence in my kitchen skills, taught me a few tricks, and assured me that I could open up my own place some day if I wanted to. They thought I had what it takes! When I moved back to Washington, I kept that in my mind and started thinking about how I could make it happen. Eventually, I ended up taking the BEST program through Kitsap Community Resources and it was such an invaluable learning experience! With that class, I created Half Baked.

Last year was my first year in operation! It’s been a ton of work, sweat, and maybe a few tears!!! With help from my family, friends, community members, and fans of my food, I’ve been able to make it work. If it weren’t for the local Eagles (FOE /Aerie 192) and Monica’s Waterfront Bakery & Café allowing me to use their commercial kitchens, I can’t imagine how I would’ve made it through the year!!! It’s a very humbling experience when people in the community reach out and offer to help you make your dreams and goals a reality!

What products and/or services do you offer at your business?:
I currently offer chili and cornbread, but hope to eventually expand the menu to include soups, salads, and more baked goods.

Do you have any events coming up this year? Any specials you would like to promote?:

Half Baked is at the Bremerton Farmers Market every Thursday, 4pm – 7pm, at Evergreen Park, 1500 Park Ave, in Bremerton
As a benefit for the Kitsap Community Food Co-Op, I’ll be selling my food at the Bremerton Summer Brewfest,
on June 12th, noon to 6:30pm
I’ll also be at the Bainbridge Island Bluegrass Festival on July 26th.
I list all upcoming events on my Facebook page.

Where is your business located and how can people find out more about you?
I currently don’t have a “brick and mortar” location, but it’s on my wish list!! In the meantime you can find me at the Bremerton Farmers Market or visit my Facebook page Half Baked – Nutritious & Delicious

What made you decide to become a member owner in the co-op?
I want our community to be healthy. Having a local co-op with local products is part of the process and I want to be part of that! I think it’s important that the co-op open so we all have somewhere convenient to go get the groceries we need and want. Grocery stores are filled with shelves of food I would rather not consume, nor do I want others to consume. If people only had the time to really educate themselves about what is actually in the foods they buy, they wouldn’t be buying it. I believe that we, as consumers, dictate by supply and demand what is put on those store shelves. All we need to do is join together to make this happen so the following generations are raised thinking local is the first choice and the best choice.

Half Baked – Pandora Hope