Member-Owner & Local Producer Spotlight: 

FoxDog Farm


Tell us a little about FoxDog Farm and how it was started: 

FoxDog Farm was started in 1994 by Rikke Giles as ‘something useful to do’ while she studied for her PhD.  The philosophy behind the farm is to do whatever is possible, whereever you are, to make your environmental footprint on the world as small as possible.  This includes raising your own food, when and where possible, raising food animals kindly and with respect for their individuality, intelligence and life, and only buying, once again as much as one can acheive this given limitations of location and budget, food and food animals raised in that same manner.  The farm opened for commercial business some 10 years later, after Randy Wagner joined Rikke to help run the farm.

What products and/or services do you offer at your business?:

FoxDog is a very small farm, serving local families with a flexible and manageable CSA, farm fresh truely free-range eggs, a multitude of learning possibilities via on-farm classes, and, hopefully starting this year, free-range meat chickens.


Do you have any special events coming up in this year? Any specials you would like to promote?:  

FoxDog Farm offers several classes throughout the season on such varied subjects as goat raising, cheesemaking, gardening, chicken raising, bread making, harvesting, greenhouse management, and more!  To learn about the classes go to

We also offer a farm membership for 50$ a year, allowing members to support the farm and receive periodic farm tours and 10% off everything the farm offers including baby goats and classes!

Where is your business located and how can people find out more about you?

We are located in Kingson WA at 26096 Miller Bay Rd.  The farm right off Miller Bay Rd between the firestation and West Kingston Rd.  Much more information about the farm is available at


What made you decide to become a member owner in the co-op?

Rikke and Randy, the farmers at FoxDog, have always thought it very important to support local businesses, local co-ops and locally grown food of all kinds.  Rikke spent part of her life in Jefferson County near Port Townsend, which has a lovely co-op.  When she found out about the Kitsap Co-op she jumped at the chance to join.  It’s been especially convenient that we can pay for our membership in installments and recommend membership to anyone interested.

Thank you Rikke & Randy for supporting your co-op and keeping it local here in Kitap. For more information about FoxDog Farm and the products/services they offer please visit their website at

FoxDog Farm