Tell us a little about Salish Soap Co. and how it was started:

Dana picI’m a single mom and I wanted to do something that would allow me to be home for my kids. I’m also an herbalist and I try to use natural products whenever I can afford to. To save money I make my own household cleaners and laundry soap as well. I also garden and can to save money and to give my kids the most wholesome food that I can. I like that I can save money by making these things and I am exposing my children to less chemicals in the store bought versions, therefore it’s healtier in my opinion.

What products and/or services do you offer at your business?:

I make natural, small batch, cold-processed soaps using local ingredients. I made all the wooden molds myself and all soaps are hand-cut. A lot of the ingredients I use are wildcrafted locally or just grown in my backyard.

Do you have any special events coming up in this year? Any specials you would like to promote?:

So far I will be at ManetteFest this year and I’m at the Thursday Bremerton Farmer’s Market.

Where is your business located and how can people find out more about you?

I’m in Manette and my soaps can be found at Garguile’s Red Apple Market, Bicycle-Works and CJ’s Evergreen General Store thus far, more locations coming soon! My website is

What made you decide to become a member owner in the co-op?

I want to support our local farms and I want to have farm fresh foods and meat for my family. We recently decided to only eat meat that is free range or responsibly raised. No more mass produced meat for us. I also think it would be a great boon to the community to have a Co-op. I am very excited for this to happen.

Thank you Dana for your dedication and support of the co-op! For more information about Salish Soap Co. please visit their website at

Dana Littell – Salish Soap

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