Greetings Cooperators,

2014 is looking to be a very busy for the year for the Kitsap Community Food Co-op. The co-op board and volunteers like you are working hard to open the doors to a full service grocery store. We need your help whether you are a member or thinking of becoming a member. Take a guess what we need help with? Yes you guessed it, we need your help gaining more members for the co-op! By gaining more members we show to community members who are on the fence about joining, bankers, civic leaders, and your neighbors that we mean business – and this business is a co-op that we all own.

We are also looking for volunteers for the various committees, and with participation on the board. Helping with a committee and helping with the board are critical areas that you can have a positive effect on with regards to opening the store.  If you have thought about volunteering please take time to spring into action and help us grow our membership, the number of people who are working on committees, and those serving on the board.

The Kitsap Community Food Co-op is off to climb a mountain and this mountain I will call “Mount Co-op.” It takes many small incremental steps to reach the top of a mountain.  Inch by inch it was a cinch, yard by yard it would be hard.  It is the board’s responsibility to develop and have a plan for this co-op to open, but with your volunteering effort we can use you to execute the board’s, and the various committee work in small inch by inch steps.  We have a lot of small steps (and some large) to take to get to the top of “Mount Co-op” collectively help us get there!


Kevin Koski

KCFC Board Member

Help us Grow the Co-op!

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