My business evolved from a small home garden and grew to its size of 15,000 sq. ft. today. I started growing in this location in 1996-97 with a 20 ft. X 40 ft. garden for family. As things go, it grew, and I kept expanding with berries and fruit trees (now gone) until it became a small urban farm.
Doug2I grow a large variety of heirloom produce for sale at Farmer Markets and at the farm stand. I like to experiment with unusual, uncommon vegetables for the Northwest, like paprika and tabasco peppers and okra, with varied success. I have a small CSA farm share program, limited to 10 per year. I also have a greenhouse where I propagate vegetable and flower starts for sale in the spring.

This summer I will be hosting a group of horticultural students from Edmonds Community College, with Instructor Gayle Larson, Master Gardener, of Poulsbo. I will be demonstrating how to produce a large quantity of produce on a small piece of land. I had a garden tour last summer for the Kitsap Community & Agricultural Alliance. I will give tours by appointment throughout the year, when possible.

Doug’s Harlow Gardens is located at 5946 Harlow Drive, West Bremerton, on the east side of Kitsap Lake. People interested in learning about the farm may visit my website for the history and blog and up-to-date pictures and products available, or my Facebook page for information about links, recipes and garden news.

I became a member of the KCFC almost 3 years ago with the intention of helping start a new local food co-op where I could depend on the products that were provided by Northwest Farmers and Producers, with the possibility of supplying them with some of my products. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to enjoy an organization that I helped create and support. I support the local agricultural production and encourage the residents of the county to buy local whenever possible.

Thanks for asking about my small farm and business. See you at the Kitsap Community Food Co-op Grand Opening.

~Doug Millard

Member-Owner & Local Producer Spotlight – Doug’s Harlow Gardens