Jen Mistaria & Julie Mistaria
Mistarian Roses Gallery

Tell us a little about Mistarian Roses and how it was started:

The last names of the three founding members are Mistaria and Rose. A bit of tweaking on their names led to “Mistarian Roses”. In 2012, Ms. Rose formally left the business, but we kept the name. Currently it is owned and operated by sisters, Jenifer and Julie Mistaria. We started the business to sell our jewelry and fused glass art. We began with primarily word of mouth custom and commissioned work. We tested the public waters at the Bremerton Farmers Market in 2011 and the Holiday Market in 2012. By the end of 2012, we found the physical location we wanted to build as our brick and mortar shop/gallery/studio


What does Mistarian Roses offer its customers?

misterian rosesMistarian Roses offers our community a resource of creativity. To consume art as a purchase for yourself or as a gift, or to use our studio space to create a fused glass work of art yourself. We sell Bullseye Glass and a number of favorite supplies for fused glass artists, professional level or hobbyists. We offer classes, and we also rent our kilns, our studio space, and our industrial cold working equipment.

How do you see Mistarian Roses’ role in the community?

Our involvement in the community was never a question of if, just how. We have chosen to sponsor charitable events, to donate our time and to donate our product. For example, we made a substantial contribution of time, money and artwork to the Bremerton Foodline’s annual fundraiser Empty Bowls (For a list of our community activities, please see our website. )

Sidewalk Saturday on Fourth Street, enjoying music and the camaraderie of fellow artists.

misterian 2In addition to our sponsorships and donations, we are active in business associations and speaking up to be the voice of collaboration between business and the arts. We submit articles to the Kitsap Sun A&E covering the arts and attractions and plan the now annual Salon des Refuses which unites the local businesses with the arts. We also open our doors to host additional cultural events such as Open Book – where local writers gather to share their work. We believe having interactive arts and culture is the heart of a thriving community.

Do you have any events coming up? Any specials you would like to promote?


First Friday Bremerton Art Walk 5pm – 8pm

Second Sundays 4pm – 6pm(ish) we host Open Book: a spoken word odyssey

Third Saturdays 6pm – 10pm Night Owl Art Night – B.Y.O.A. Bring Your Own Art, studio space is free. We get together and just make art!

Please tell us your location and how to contact you.

We are at 519 – 4th Street, downtown Bremerton. Our facebook page is all public content (no FB account required) and our website is

Local Business Owner Spotlight – Mistarian Roses Gallery