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With dynamic new board members, a growing membership and persistent leadership, your co-op is growing in all the right ways. Thank you for responding to our call for help, and continuing to support the co-op by jumping in to help at what was a challenging time. Our future looks bright!

Here are some important successes we’ve had because member-owners like you have stepped up to help:
  1. New Board Member – Rachel Harris has been appointed to the board to fill one of our open seats. We’re so lucky to have her! Rachel has a project management, real estate and finance background and brings her skill and passion to the board. She is working to take on the Treasurer role, is a part of our Site Team, and will be running for an open seat at our next election. Take a moment to send a welcome email to Rachel!
  2. More Volunteers – One of the things we struggled with most was a lack of volunteers to help take on some of the myriad tasks. We’ve had member-owners with great skills step forward to lead our Marketing Team, Events Team, Site Team and the board. Our expanded bandwidth means the board can get back to working on securing the site we need for a successful, sustainable store. All of the committees still need more help, and the more volunteers we have, the faster we move, the more sustainable we are, and the more successful we can be! Learn about volunteer opportunities now.
  3. Community Events – Our Events Team, led by Erin Falcone has created a calendar of events for that will ensure the co-ops presence in wider Kitsap County all throughout 2016. She can’t do this work alone; your help is needed if we are to be successful in our outreach efforts. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Erin today.
  4. Branding Overhaul – Thanks to our new Marketing Team leads, Devon Reeves and Elissa Torgeson, who tackled the giant task of updating our website to a responsive format and bringing a fresh new look to our website and marketing materials. The Marketing team is also looking for more help. If you are interested, contact Devon and Elissa now.

The ongoing work of all of the member-owners is to increase memberships by reaching out to your friends and family with your story about why a food co-op is important. It is also through your outreach efforts that we get more professional help that moves us solidly forward, as well. Help open your food co-op by telling your story of why the co-op is important to you.

Here are some ways you can impact the progress of your food co-op:
  • Attend our events and invite guests
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Join a committee (Marketing, Events, Site, Fund Development)
  • Join our Advisory Board
  • Post a yard-sign at your home or business
  • Share brochures with your friends, customers and community members
  • Invite us to talk at your event, club or church
  • Visit us at a board meeting

Soon, member-owners will receive a printed coupon version of our KCFC Connections; local businesses that support the growth of the Kitsap Community Food Co-op, providing special discounts and other offers. Members of KCFC can use your membership card at other local food co-ops and benefit from their member programs!

Letter from the President

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