Meet KCFC Member-Owner

Jeff Rupert

Hello my fellow member-owners. My name is Jeff Rupert and I’m excited to be able to say I’m a volunteer for the Kitsap Food Co-op Membership Committee. I have been a Washington resident for 31 of my 36 years and I’m a proud father of two Washington born natives. I enjoy gardening, hiking, bicycling, camping, scuba diving and fishing on a regular basis. I volunteer at my children’s school for miscellaneous tasks as well as participate in the WATCH D.O.G.S. program and help out with my son’s little league team. I own a cozy house and a nice sized lot in the Illahee community and have been employed at PSNS for over 17 years. I have a daughter and son who are 8 and 7 respectively and I’m honored to say I am taking full advantage of the fact they still want to play with their dad. My children have two male kittens and I have a flock of seven hens which live in what I like to call a chicken mansion.

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I was introduced to the Kitsap Food Co-op by my friend and fellow shipyard worker Kevin Koski and I have to admit I think I was an easy sell. Not only am I passionate amount eating (and feeding my children) organic and healthy foods I also have a deep desire to build a closer knit community. I can honestly say I find nothing more appealing than the idea of buying my neighbor’s salsa, jam or grandmas recipe apple pie. I remember last year around this time of year I was going through my garden and I realized I had too few asparagus to cook for even a side dish for the family. For the next few days I desperately attempted to find myself some locally grow asparagus. I was devastated to not only fail in this attempt but I also ended up in a very calm argument with a local vegetable stand attendant who tried to tell me that asparagus didn’t even grow in Washington. Coincidently, about a week later I read an article which told the story of how Washington used to be the major producer of asparagus and now the acreage of asparagus farms are declining due to out of state and out of country suppliers (sorry I couldn’t find the article but here is a good one too ( I believe it was then that I decided it was a small part I could do to help out the local farmer and in turn help myself out in finding local asparagus (hopefully) by joining the Kitsap Community Food Co-op. Since joining I have found out many other good reasons for joining and I’m excited to share those reasons with other curious Kitsaponians.


I’m thrilled to be a part of what I believe will be a wonderful thing for our community and I wanted to put my face out there to all the members. So next time you see me you can feel free to say hi and introduce yourself. You can also feel free to honk at me if you see me driving around in my little white Honda with the Kitsap Community Food Co-op sticker on the bumper. Just be sure to wave also so I don’t think I did something wrong. I look forward to meeting many of you in the not so distant future and I hope all of you will consider how you can help in gaining more members or volunteering whenever you can.


Sincerely yours,

Jeff Rupert 

KCFC Member-Owner Spotlight – Jeff Rupert