Are you a member-owner looking to become more involved in the co-op and contribute to its forward movement? KCFC is currently looking for an Events Committee Chair Person. This volunteer opportunity is unique in it gives the volunteer a chance to help out on a deeper level while still being able to do much of the work on their own time from home.

Events Committee Chair Volunteer Job Description:


  • Must be a KCFC Member-Owner in good standing
  • Must regularly communicate with the KCFC Events Committee Liaison to the Board of Directors including providing a report of Events Committee activities every three weeks for inclusion in the KCFC Board Agenda


  • Host monthly Events Committee Meetings (at KCFC office or other location as desired)
  • Coordinate with the Fall Fair Committee Chair as needed
  • Coordinate with the Board Liaison to keep Events Committee Responsibilities matrix current
  • Lead committee efforts to develop a calendar of events for each year/quarter
  • Work with committee to plan and coordinate KCFC sponsored events
  • Work with committee to coordinate and coordinate with other community groups as needed for booths at appropriate community events
  • Lead efforts to promote environmental stewardship at Co-op events
  • Recruit new member-owners for events committee
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to staff events
  • Provide event information to Public Relations contact
  • Coordinate with Marketing, Membership and other KCFC Committees as needed
  • Work with Events Board Liaison to develop budget for Events Committee – any expenses outside of the board approved budget must be approved by the KCFC Board of Directors

For more information please contact Event Committee Board Liaison, Jean Clark, at

KCFC is looking for an Events Committee Chair

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