Hello everyone!  This is Kevin Koski, a Kitsap Community Food Co-op board member.  For the last six months I hiked the 2668 mile long Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.  Now that I am home, I am ready to spend my energy working hard for you the co-op member, and for our community in an effort to open our store.

kevin PCTWhile I was hiking along this national treasure I packed our Kitsap Community Food Co-op bumper sticker so I could take photos of our bumper sticker in front of various other food co-op’s I encounter.  I would like to report that I passed a few natural food stores, but I only found one food co-op, the Ashland Food Cooperative.  Of course I went shopping inside this wonderful store to purchase local food, and support their local economy.

With regards to the local economy, Ashland was a wonderful town, but the neighborhood around the Ashland Food Co-op was especially vibrant.  I walked several streets around the store, and noticed how people were healthy, energetic, and expressive in their conservations.  As they entered their food co-op people showed a glow of excitement.  It was clear they were owners of the store.

Within the store people purchased local produce and products, but more importantly they were having a shared neighborhood experience by shopping as a community.  People talked, laughed, shook hands, hugged, and took time to sit down with each other while eating the tasty deli food purchased within the store.  Everyone was relaxed, and enjoying the comfortable amenities the store provided.  I was very impressed with how friendly people were, and how they were excited to support their local community by shopping at the Ashland Food Cooperative.

We can have a vibrant community within Bremerton too!  After seeing Ashland, I know that by placing a full service food co-op owned by people in our community, our efforts will greatly foster the vibrant change that is taking place within Bremerton today.  I look forward to being relaxed in front of the Kitsap Community Food Co-op talking and shaking hands with you.

Please help open our store by joining today, and encouraging everyone you know to become a member too.  It is today we need to increase our membership, not tomorrow, so after reading this if you are not already a member please consider joining the Kitsap Community Food Co-op.

Please visit our Membership Page to Join Now! 


Thank You,

Kevin Koski

Board member

Food Co-ops create vibrant livable communities!