The Food Co-op is seeking a volunteer coordinator. This is a paid position of 5 hours weekly @ $10 per hour with a review after 90 days. Please email resume and cover letter to

Printable Job Description (Microsoft Word)


The volunteer coordinator provides professional staff support to KCFC volunteers, ensuring that all volunteers feel empowered to take action on behalf of the co-op, while feeling engaged and appreciated.



The volunteer coordinator reports directly to the board of directors, and is managed by the President of the board along with other staff roles. This role is responsible for all aspects of volunteer recruitment, retention, and appreciation, and communicating . Membership coordinator will be a supportive role only to this position.




  • Working with several avenues, engage in ongoing recruitment of volunteers for tasks, committees and the board of directors
  • Respond in a timely manner to incoming volunteer inquiries
  • Interview/process incoming volunteers, and delegate to tasks, roles/committees as appropriate


  • Work with committees to develop volunteer job descriptions as needed
  • Organize regular training and engagement opportunities for volunteers
  • Work with committee leadership to identify volunteer needs, and communicate strategy associated with filling those roles
  • Act as liaison between the Board, committees and the volunteer base
  • Positive, supportive and energetic communications to volunteers
  • Conflict resolution and support for volunteers as needed

Training & Organization

  • Maintain & update Co-op 101 Volunteer Training document on a regular basis.
  • Maintain database of volunteers, track volunteer hours
  • Provide/Organize training of volunteers preceding events as needed
  • Provide a report to the Board of Directors each month and attendance at board meetings when possible


  • Plan one volunteer appreciation event annually
  • Send out thank you cards and evaluations to volunteers after events
  • Work with the newsletter team to create a quarterly newsletter for volunteers

Other duties as may be assigned by the membership coordinator or board of directors.

Employment: Volunteer Coordinator

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