Is the Kitsap Community Food Co-op useful, beneficial and profitable for you?

Is a new full-service grocery store what you want and need?

Are your talents connected to the community through the Co-op effort?

The Co-op, for me, is my voice in action.

All this falls at the feet of my desire for Convenience, in a Local, National, and Global Food System. The contemporary definition of a convenience store is the corner ‘market’ that sells everything from Beef Jerky to Lingerie. That’s not what I mean. Here is my understanding of Convenience.

The word comes first from the Latin Convenio, a verb (I love verbs) meaning:
assemble, meet, come together, agree

The English definition for the noun convenience is:
the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty

and for the adjective convenient:designed for easy use.

The Antonym is inaccessibility.

“The Kitsap Community Food Co-op connects our local community with quality food, products and access to information that promotes a healthy future for our families and our planet. Together we work toward a world where mutually beneficial relationships exist between producers and purchasers.”

(This is our mission statement)

The operative verb here, for me, is Access.
Definition: The right or opportunity to use or benefit from something.

Access to our Food System

Whether my family’s grocery list has 1, 5, or 20 items, I will rely on the choices that our now approaching 700 member/owners, have invested toward research and development, for a relationship with producer/purchaser that promotes sustainability.


I’ll be very honest. I want convenience.

I want to be able to do my shopping without having to go out of my way to spend ten minutes on each and every item, each and every time, considering the total impact on our Food System.

In our Co-op I won’t have to do that because I can count on the Co-op’s choices and signage to consider such factors as:

  • Environmental concerns about pesticides, other chemicals, contamination of ground water.
  • Safety and sanitation for the harvest and harvester.
  • Pollution control for the energy spent on site or in distribution.
  • Waste management for packaging, cycling of materials from farm to table.
  • Evolving information with education on health and nutrition.
  • Fabulous taste.
  • Et cetera. These and thousands of other considerations, where no single consideration will outweigh any other, are vital to my stewardship of this planet.



This brings me, as a Board member, back to my first question, framed by some business principles. Utility, Benefit, and Market Advantage are all important, yet still with no single consideration overstepping any other.

Consensus drives the actions of the Board through the voice of the member-owners, and makes all of us accountable to each other for this business. We all have something to contribute. Together we have one goal: a grocery store that works for us as part of a Food System that is sustainable in our community. This moment in time requires the biggest lift in action to accomplish that goal.

All of you, the member/owners, are invited to volunteer the skill set that best targets the need your grocery store requires.
You are important.
Your action is needed.

Convenience, Access and Consensus.

Speak to the connection in your heart and have faith.

Thank you all for the long listen.

Bristol picMy best to you,
Bristol Parsons

KCFC Clerk