If you’ve been waiting for an in-depth way to get connected to the co-op, this is your chance and we definitely need your help.

We have five open seats on our board and lots of work to do to get this store open. We NEED help! Board terms are three years and we’re very flexible on balancing personal lives with board commitments – we just need your butts in our seats!

If you:

  • Care about the co-op and want to help get the doors open
  • Have great ideas and want to see them come to fruition (and are willing to help make that happen)
  • Have good communication skills and can work well in a diverse group
  • And are willing and interested to learn

…then we want you!

The best way to know what it’s like to serve on the board is to attend a meeting and see how we work. You can then have an orientation with our President and Vice Presidents.

2013 is going to big a big year. We have tons of ideas coming at us at all times, what we need is people to help us make those ideas happen! If you have the the energy and talent to take us into the future, email Meg now to find out about the election timeline and how to participate in our 2013 election!

Board Elections – Get Ready

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