Employment: Volunteer Coordinator

The Food Co-op is seeking a volunteer coordinator. This is a paid position of 5 hours weekly @ $10 per hour with a review after 90 days. Please email resume and cover letter to: info@kitsapfood.coop.

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Letter from the President

With dynamic new board members, a growing membership and persistent leadership, your co-op is growing in all the right ways.

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Our Mission

We have been working hard since 2008 to build a community-owned grocery store in Kitsap County. Our aim is to connect our local community with quality food, products and access to information that promotes a healthy future for our families and our planet.

Join Us


Joining as a member-owner of the co-op is investing in the future of your community. You can join today for as low as $35. Fill out this form and you can own part of a store that helps money stay in our community.


We Need You!

Picture of Member BoothOur timeline to open a store depends on you – as owners of the store you provide the equity we need to open. The more member-owners we get, the sooner we can open our doors. Let’s our member-owner count grow!