Member-Owner Advantages

While the Co-op will be open to all shoppers, only those who invest in a $200 Share will become member-owners, receiving the following benefits:

  • Special prices & Events such as Member-Owner Appreciation Day discounts
  • Profit-sharing & Patronage dividends will be based on purchases made the previous year by the individual Member-Owners and KCFC profitability (20% or more)

See our Terms of Membership for additional details on Patronage dividends.

Discounts at other food co-ops

As soon as you purchase your Kitsap Community Food Co-op membership, you will be eligible to receive member discounts at other food co-ops, too! Policies vary from store to store, but most do accept other co-op membership, including the Port Townsend and Olympia food co-ops. You can begin saving on local food even before opening day!

  • Additional member only discounts at area businesses around Kitsap featured in our KCFC Connections Local Business Directory.

A voice in the Co-op  

Help shape the decisions and direction the store takes by helping to select Directors, running for a position on our Board of Directors, attending Board meetings or joining a committee. It’s your store – learn more now!

Co-op Newsletters 

Once the store opens, member-owners will receive newsletters containing articles on current food issues, delicious recipes, local connections and much more. Monthly Newsletters will also contain important messages from the Board and Management, helping you to stay in touch with the direction of the Co-op.


Do you want to…?

  • Bring access to local food in the community.
  • Create a gathering place for our education and nutrition for our families.
  • Invest in and own a part of the future of your county.
  • Keep your money local in the community – for every $1,000 spent in a co-op, $1,604 is generated for the local economy.
  • Be a part of a community where you know who you’re shopping with and can fully trust who is serving you.
  • Have a voice in how your store is run, what products are sold, and where money is spent

Well then what are you waiting for? Sign up now!