In February 2012, we held our first-ever Soup Swap. The Bremerton Patriot shared a wonderful article recapping the event “Everyone brought their favorite soup to the meeting and then draws numbers. The lowest number got to choose the first homemade soup to take home and also told their “soup story” which details what is in the soup they brought, how they found the recipe and the source of their whole, organic, or homegrown ingredients.”

This quote sums up the energy and essence of the event well – “Jess Sappington, of Bremerton, who cooked the Thai butternut squash soup, hopes that the co-op will bring people together in the city. She said that food has a way of “uniting a community.” Matt Sappington, her husband, joined in her story saying that she cooked the squash soup for them on their very first date and he knew it was love because “the woman can cook a mean soup.”

Read the The Bremerton Patriot article.

Soup Swap Brings Community Together