Once we open our doors, the Kitsap Community Food Co-op will be the central place for you to find the delicious and healthy locally grown food that our region is famous for. We know that it’s hard to navigate the entire county to find all this delicious organic food for your family – so join now so we can make this a reality.

Until then here are some of the best places in the county to purchase goods produced by our local farmers. The Kitsap Community and Agricultural Alliance (KCAA) maintains a wonderful listing of the farmers in our community and has various ways in which you can access their products.

Local Farms

The ample rain and sunshine that bless our peninsula yield a bountiful area of crops and freshly grown organic goods from our local farms. Our county is home to more than two dozen farms of various sizes – whether you’re looking for flowers, fruits, fresh vegetables, or free-range poultry, you can find it.  KCAA maintains an alphabetical listing of the farms and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) that are available in the county.

Farmer’s Markets

Our county is home to more than 10 farmer’s markets that highlight the diversity and variety of local produce and goods you can find throughout our county. They are open various times throughout the year and you are certain to discover a surprise whenever you go. Browse the KCAA listings to find a farmer’s market near you.