Own a Kitsap Business

Become an active participant, contributor, decision-maker, and beneficiary for a local, independent business that exists to provide healthy food choices for everyone in Kitsap County.

Feel a Connection

Member-Owners make up a small community within our larger Kitsap communities. KCFC supports the local economy, creates healthy food resources, and helps people connect kitchen tables to local farms.

Everyone is Welcome

KCFC is a welcoming place for everyone. KCFC is a voluntary organization, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political, or religious discrimination.

A Job Well Done

A Co-Op grocery requires several years of organizing, fund raising, and hard work provided by many people. Now is the perfect opportunity to lend a hand, so we can all enjoy the satisfaction of opening the first KCFC grocery store.

You Call the Shots

Member-Owners run for office, vote on vital decisions for the management of the Co-Op, and invest time, money (or both) to support daily activities and decision making processes for the store.

Support Our Farming Heritage

Kitsap County is a home of producers, farmers among them. KCFC Member-Owners help preserve and protect our farms with a grocery that stocks local products and foods produced in Kitsap.

Invest in Kitsap

With big-box grocers, money is funneled out of the community and into the hands of stockholders or private owners. With a co-op, any profit is either returned to members, or invested back into the business so it can grow, create local jobs, and offer a good variety of food choices.

Food Security

Food security isn’t just knowing that you can rely on your regional food system. It can also include knowing where your food comes from, knowing who grew, raised, and prepared that food, and knowing whether the hands who contribute to the delivery of your foods are of people who are safe, well-compensated, and raising families in healthy communities.