What does a Retail Food Co-op look like? What is it?

A food co-op can refer to many things, but often it refers to a grocery store that is collectively started, owned and run by its members. It can encompass any form and carry whichever products the members and the community decide is best. Often these stores open because of the need for natural or organic foods, but they can exist to fill any need in the community.

  • To get a better understanding of co-ops, please review our Q&A section to get answers to commonly asked questions about co-ops in general and Kitsap Community Food Co-op specifically.
  • Check out some other local co-ops to see the potential. Take a virtual tour of the Yelm Co-op or visit the Olympia Co-op website.

We are not alone in our journey.

There are dozens of fellow co-operators who are seeking to change their communities for the better like we are. Take a look at this map maintained by the Food Co-op Initiative – it lists out all the co-ops who are starting up throughout the country.

View Startup Food Co-ops in a larger map