This committee is member-owners only


Current Opportunities:

Grantwriters 1-5hrs/week

Grantwriters will research available grants, gather data needed to fulfill grant applications and submit for possible grants. This could be done by 1-3 people.


Strategist & Planning
This person will look at our funding needs and with support from the Marketing and Events teams, work to create fundraising opportunities & engagement opportunities for the co-op.


Crowdfunding Leader

The co-op is researching the possibility of using crowdfunding to pay for some of the larger expenses we have, before our capital campaign. This person would advise the board on the viability of this approach, create an innovative plan, and oversee a team (as needed) to execute.


Capital Campaign: Coordinator ~160 hours over 6 weeks

This person will oversee the 30+ day campaign to raise capital funds for the co-op. Working closely with the Treasurer and the Board to set funding goals and using the well-detailed structure provided by CDS, this is a temporary (~6 weeks), but full-time role for one-person.


Capital Campaign: Calling Team

This is a team of three people who will use warm-calling techniques to reach out to member-owners and inform them of the capital campaign, secure pledges over the phone and report to the Coordinator.

To find out more about this committee or how you can join, emailĀ Jess Sappington, Volunteer Coordinator