Help to grow your co-op by telling others!

The best way we can get new member-owners is through word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family.  We’ll provide you with the tools to promote the co-op and you tell all your friends. Here are some ideas on ways you can start helping today:

Tell your Colleagues

Do you belong to a local club, organization, or professional association? That’s a great forum to spread our message. We can provide the materials and speaking points for you to promote membership in the co-op and can even provide a board member to come speak if you prefer. Email us to request a speaker for your group or for more information.  Below is our general power point presentation along with talking points to get you started!

Write About Us

Why did you join the co-op? Do you maintain a blog, are active on social media, or want to write a letter to the editor of our local newspapers.  Tell it straight from the heart about why the co-op matters to you.

Host an Event

soup swap graphicGot an interesting idea to promote the co-op or help fundraise? Let your creativity flow freely and gather your friends together to show what the cooperative spirit is all about. Organize a soup swap, yard sale, labeling party, or some other way to come together. Download our sample guide here: Soup Swap info sheet

Host a Neighborhood Dinner Party or Potluck

What better way to tell your friends and neighbors about the benefits of the co-op than sharing time together over a home-cooked meal. Arrange a dinner, cook it with local ingredients and tell them this is what they can get access to if we all work together to open a store that connects us with our local producers.

Give the Gift of a Co-op Membership

It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you’re becoming an owner in our store and investing in the future of local food for Kitsap County.  You can start someone off on our membership payment plan for as low as $35. Contact our Membership Coordinator to learn more.

Let’s Talk Co-op!

Need some basic, easy talking points to get you started? We have them for you right here. Download our simple let’s talk co-op sheet and start spreading the word!

Digital Member-Owner Kit

    • Share these videos with friends who want more information about what a Co-op is and how it affects our community.


  • Click here for our Co-op 101Handout – a thorough FAQ for KCFC. More questions? Email us!
  • Download our latest Posters to print and hang around your neighborhood or stick one  in your window:

              — All We Need is YOU Poster 

              — KCFC Membership flyer (can print double sided)