Our History

Opening a food cooperative is a long journey that requires the collaborative effort of an entire community. We have surpassed many milestones in our journey but still have a long way to go till we break ground on our store.  Back in 2008, we simply began as the vision of a few dedicated individuals. Since then we have gained the support of many throughout our community and now have over 700 member-owners. The co-op is completely member-owned and our Board of Directors is completely volunteer-driven. This means we need your help in joining as a member-owner to get us closer to opening our doors. 

Our region is home to numerous producers and farmers and countless families that are seeking healthy, quality, locally-grown food. Our aim is to connect these producers and purchasers and serve as a hub and gathering place for the entire county. Committed to our mission and our values, we can collectively reach this goal. Co-ops on average take about four to six years to get off the ground – some have gone faster (the record is just under three years) while some have taken nearly a decade

The timing for KCFC really depends on the overall dynamics of the local market and the community the co-op is entering. What matters most is that we lay the foundation for a succesful store and that begins with member-owners. Remember now…opening our doors is just the start of the journey.  We must be patient and think of our long-term vision of running a successful store that will serve as a permanent anchor in our community.

To learn more, view this flow chart on how to start a co-op or click the links below to read more about starting a co-op and other co-op stories.

Other Co-op Information


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