These positions are open to member-owners only

The KCFC Board of Directors contains a maximum of ten Directors, and functions as the entity that is legally responsible for all business and financial decisions of the co-op and its committees, with all committees reporting to the Board. Board Elections occur at the close of our fiscal year in July for expiring terms, which last three years. Only Member-Owners may apply to be on the Board, advisory group or attend a Board meeting. Learn more about our election process today here.

Current Opportunities:

Advisory Group 1-3hrs/month

The Board Advisors will provide guidance to the board members at different stages. Advisors are needed in the areas of Business Management, Development, Fundraising, Legal, Diversity & Equity, Social Justice, and more. Advisors are invited to mentor board members, counsel the board, provide access to resources, and attend board meetings. Advisors are not required to be co-op members but only members can participate in board decisions.


Executive Committee: Treasurer 1-6hrs/week

The Treasurer of the co-op will work with the bookkeeper, accountants and the board. The Treasurer provides financial reporting to the board on the financial health of the co-op, assists in the creation of budgets, and supports the Fundraising team with information as needed.


Directors  3-15 hours/week

The board of the co-op can seat up to 10 directors. Board members share in facilitation, use a structured consensus model for decision-making, and attend monthly board meetings every and study sessions at the co-op office. Directors are encouraged to assist in events, tasks and committees as they are able.


Legal Help

The co-op will need legal assistance in real estate negotiations, contract review, and securities counsel. We welcome inquiries from attorneys who specifically have experience working with the co-operative model.