2017 Board Election Results

We’ve concluded our online voting for the 2017 Board of Directors and we are happy to report that all 5 candidates have been confirmed and duly elected to the Board of Directors. Your new KCFC Board is as follows: Kevin Koski, Erin Falcone, Kevin Gorman, Elissa Torgeson & Matt Tilton.

Please contact us with any questions or call at: (360)813-1301.

Kevin Koski, Current Board Vice President 
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Candidate Statement:
Hello my name is Kevin Koski and I am running for a second one year term for the Kitsap Community Food Co-op board so I can assist in providing continuity in transition for new board members because I know some of the co-op’s history.  I will bring a positive atmosphere to the board, and ideas about promoting the cooperative.  At this time my vision for the co-op is to continue to strengthen the board of directors so the board is full of the requisite talent that is needed to open a community grocery.  I have been on the board of directors since 2013.

Kevin Gorman, Interim Board Member
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Candidate Statement:
I’m a long time public employee and Coast Guard Veteran. I weighed almost 300 pounds before I was 18, and today I’m over 100 pounds lighter. I owe it all to food education. I was fortunate to have a few people in my life who helped me find my way around the kitchen and the gym. Rollercoaster diets gave way to a steady decline in weight, and a steady increase in health and happiness. I hope to spend my life doing the same for others.

I’ve been at every co-op event and meeting for the past year. I’m committed to opening a grassroots store now. We deserve access to good food in Bremerton. I’m passionate about small business, and I’m ready to get to work. I’m currently a project manager for Seattle City Light and a Bremerton City Council candidate. I earned a bachelor’s degree in small business management with a focus in entrepreneurship. I want to make Bremerton a destination for great food and culture. Join our team, and let’s work together and support a healthy community!

Erin FalconeErin Falcone, Interim Board Member
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Candidate Statement:
I have been volunteering for KCFC for more than a year and a half, and during this time I have come to appreciate both the need for a high quality natural food store in the county and also the challenges this organization has faced, and will face, in creating one. Prior to moving to Seabeck, I was a passionate co-op grocery shopper since I first moved into a town with a thriving store when I was 18. As soon as I found the KCFC website in an internet search, I joined, and like so many members I waited for the store to open. And when that didn’t happen, I seized on the opportunity to help bring a co-op to my community. I did not envision serving on the board, but with the recent vacancies I recognize this is the co-op’s most critical need right now. As a new mother, easy access to good quality food is more important to me than ever, even though my free time is in short supply.

While my professional background is in marine biology, which may seem totally unrelated to opening a food co-op, I actually possess a number of relevant skills. These include advanced data management and analysis, public speaking, project management, and grant writing. Both my previous and current jobs included leadership positions for non-profit organizations that governed by consensus. In addition, I am very goal oriented, organized, and passionate about ecologically sound food production and consumption.

My vision for KCFC is to improve access to better quality food, in particular easy, daily access to local/regional organic bulk goods and produce, by any means possible. As a longtime food co-op shopper, I look forward to opening an innovative, scalable storefront that suits the local culture, and educating this community, which may not be familiar with how to shop this way, in addition to why we should.

Elissa Torgeson, Interim Board Member
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Candidate Statement:
I have been an active volunteer with the Kitsap Community Food Co-op since October of 2015.  With almost two decades of professional experience as a Graphic Arts & Web Designer, I came to help with the organizational branding, publicity and marketing. One of my first tasks was to completely overhaul the website, transforming it into a clean, easy to use site that clearly demonstrates a professional organization.  I joined the Marketing Committee and was instrumental in helping promote our Farm Funk event last year. I currently am the Marketing Committee Chairman.

Late last year, I stepped up and joined as an Interim Board Member to keep the KCFC vision alive that so many people have dedicated hours and hours over the last 7 years to bring a locally owned, locally sourced grocery store to Kitsap. My vision for the co-op is to see in the next year a small, possibly pop-up store opened in Bremerton. By opening this smaller store, we can begin to generate revenue that we need and will prove to our community that we can provide a much-needed grocery store to Kitsap county. The time is now and the opportunity is perfectly aligned to make this happen.

I bring much talent to your Board and was a primary role in reducing costs and streamlining our organizational systems, saving the co-op money while making our volunteer time more effectively used. Some of the talents I bring to the Board are as follows: Ethical, Excellent Communicator, Resourceful, Organized, Committed, Cooperative & Available.