What does the Board do?

The Board of Directors provides support and advice, and broad direction to the rest of the organization. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that the co-op fulfills its mission statement by setting the overall policies and objectives for the co-op, communicating with member-owners, and overseeing the General Manager.

The board offers guidance to subcommittees and holds the general vision of the co-op. The board executes strategic planning meetings, approves budgets, and communicates with the member-owners. Eventually, the board will also provide oversight and feedback for the General Manager.

Board members are elected by both the member-owners and the standing board using a majority vote as outlined in our bylaws.  Board Elections are held once per year for vacant seats after the close of the previous fiscal year.

The KCFC Board of Directors contains a maximum of ten Directors, and functions as the entity that is legally responsible for all business and financial decisions of the co-op and its committees, with all committees reporting to the Board. Elections occur at the close of our fiscal year in July for expiring terms, which last three years. Only Members may apply to be on the Board or attend a Board meeting.

If you are interested in attending a Board meeting, contact
 the Board Administrator.
Learn more about our Election Process and consider joining our Board today!

 Kevin Koski, Board Member

Kevin Koski PicTerm Exp: 2017
Committees: Membership Committee
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My name is Kevin Koski, and I have been passionate about our community since moving here in 1998 when I started a career as a Nuclear Engineer at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I joined the co-op in November 2009 because I definitely wanted to supporting a locally owned community grocery store since this will reduce the distance our food travels from the farm to the table.

Being on the board of the Kitsap Community Food Co-op is a wonderful experience. I enjoy working for our community to open your store. I am frequently spotted on the streets of Bremerton holding co-op signs, working hard to get our name out, so it sticks in the minds of our neighbors. When “flag” waving for the co-op I always enjoy your friendly honks and waves.
I am a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Systems Engineering, so every day I look forward to learning what it takes to open a business for you the co-op member / owner.

  Kevin Gorman, Board Member

Kevin GormanCommittees: Project Manager
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I’m a long time public employee and Coast Guard Veteran. I weighed almost 300 pounds before I was 18, and today I’m over 100 pounds lighter. I owe it all to food education. I was fortunate to have a few people in my life who helped me find my way around the kitchen and the gym. Rollercoaster diets gave way to a steady decline in weight, and a steady increase in health and happiness. I hope to spend my life doing the same for others.

We need access to good food in Bremerton, today. I’m passionate about small business, and I’m ready to get to work. I earned a bachelor’s degree in small business management with a focus in entrepreneurship. I want to make Bremerton a destination for great food and culture. Let’s work together and support a healthy community!

 Erin Falcone, Board Member

Erin FalconeCommittees: Events Chairman
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I am a Southern California native, and Kitsap County marks the end of a gradual northward migration that started when I was eighteen.  I met, and fell in love with, my first co-op grocery store while attending Humboldt State University in the redwood country of coastal Northern California. I joined the Olympia Food Co-op when my career brought me to Washington State, and I am dedicated to bringing the holistic food distribution model of co-operative grocery to our region, where I have put down roots on a small farm near Seabeck with my partner in everything, Greg, our son, Sebastian, my horse, and her two goats.

I work in conservation-based marine biology, and Greg and I started our own non-profit organization in 2016 to support our research.  In addition to a passion for quality food, waste reduction, and the preservation of small-scale, sustainable agriculture, I bring my experience with non-profit governance from my current and previous jobs to KCFC. I also bring twenty years experience in data, personnel, and project management, grant writing, and public communication, all skills associated with my research that can benefit this organization, as well.

Elissa Torgeson, Board Member

Committees: Marketing Chairman
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I am life-long Bremerton native and still remember when you had to spend a half hour to find a parking spot while shopping in downtown. While I had opportunity to see the rest of the country with my husband while he was in the Air Force for nine years we were very glad to come back to the Pacific Northwest, the only real place we call home.

I love coffee, the great outdoors and reading fiction, especially mysteries. My husband and I both work in Seattle but wouldn’t trade our wonderful Manette view home for anything.

With a professional background in Graphic Arts & Web Design, I have been serving the co-op for well over a year now, currently as an Interim Board Member and Marketing Committee Chairman. Since I feel very passionate about my hometown, I want to see change that will benefit it by opening a locally owned store, and not having to rely on big business to meet those needs. Let’s keep our money local!


Matt Tilton, Board Member

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